Dear Musician,

    In case you have made travel expenses prior to your embarkation or at your disembarkation, via this online form you can send your receipts for your request to obtain a reimbursement.
    Please send this request as soon as you are embarked or disembarked, so that we are able to process it for your next or last salary slip. In case we receive the request too late we cannot secure a prompt reimbursement.

    We are only able to reimburse in case we have a copy of the receipts. You can upload your receipts via this online form as PDF and JPEG files. Please make 1 file for 1 receipt, so that the request can be processed easily.

    We only reimburse:
    • one-way travel by car (fuel expenses based on driven kilometer / mileage)
    • in case of travelling by train or bus only second class tickets
    • in case of booking your own flight, only economy or maritime tickets with the OK of our office
    • EuropCar carrental booked via Italian EuropCar with client code with the OK of our office
    • Taxi fares in case public transport or port transfer was not available or offered
    • Excess weight for flights with the OK of our office

    You can only send a request for reimbursement per person, so the person who actually made the costs. In case you are a member of a band and 1 band member has paid for their fellow band members, please indicate below for whom you have advanced the costs.
    In case each band member paid for their own expenses, they need to fill out this online form as well, as the costs will be reimbursed per person accordingly and not per band.

    If you have any questions please contact our accounting department.
    Mod. PB13-A5 [rev 1]