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    Life on board, what to expect ones you have embarked.

      • tab-imgHOW TO APPLY
      • When applying for a cruisejob as a musician we need to receive a good but brief CV, a repertoire list, a promotion foto and a videolink. The video should be of a live-performance and if possible with a range of different songs, a so called showreel. The better you present yourselves, the bigger the chance for a contract. To apply follow this link and you can upload these documents and fill in the form. Go to form

      • tab-imgYOU’RE HIRED, WHAT NEXT…?
      • To be able to work on board a cruise liner, besides a valid passport, you need to obtain certain mandatory certificates and documents. Our agency will inform you accordingly which documents exactly are needed. For example there is a specific medical form and exams that needs to be done. And a very important certificate is that you need to be in possession of is a Seafarer’s Basic Safety Training Certificate (the so called STCW95). For certain cruise regions it might be also needed to get vaccinations as our client or the destination might demand this. In case you have a certain nationality and for travelling you need a visa, we will organize the requested documents so that you can obtain your visa for embarkation.

      • We will send the needed forms and explain the procedures how to obtain your documents, but you need to organize and take the time to make appointments with doctor’s and training schools so that we have the requested documents in time prior to your embarkation. So before you embark, your journey to go on board has already started!

      • As we are a full service agency we will help with organizing your travel from your home country to the port of embarkation. Depending on the distance and the way of travelling we will inform you what is best to do. If you are embarking in the same country of residence, ways to travel are with car rental, train or bus. If you are embarking from long distance we will organize a flight with Seaman’s tickets, which gives a possibility to bring extra luggage. In case you are organizing the journey by yourselves, always get an OK first from our office before proceeding buying a ticket.

      • tab-imgWHAT TO BRING ON BOARD
      • When going on board you need to bring the following equipment, in case some of these items are not brought you will be requested to buy / obtain these items directly. On board are technicians that will help you with the first soundcheck and showing you all the specifics of your stage. Before you depart from home we will send you a materialist, which you need to present at the local port agent at your embarkation.

        The musician needs to bring the following on board
        • personal instruments
        • microphones, stands and cables
        • device plug for 220 Volts (if using other type of plugs)
        • electricity transformer from 110 to 220 Volts for US equipment
        • mixer
        Soundboxes and monitors will be taken care of if not requested to bring personally on board.

        Note: We advise to bring an electric power voltage stabilizer, as the load of electricity on board a vessel might vary to protect your personal equipment. In case you need help with the amount of luggage – as you need to stay within a maximum amount of weight – we will assist you where possible.

      • tab-imgLIFE ON BOARD
      • As a musician on board your life will be a bit different from when you are working on land. On land for every gig you have to set-up your stage over and over again, on board you will be assigned mainly to one stage and you need to set-up your equipment one time. Aat some occasions the management might ask you to play at another stage for special events, such as Gala-night, Tropical night etc.
        You will meet many other staff-members from all departments on board and will make new friends from all over the world. As you are living on a floating “island” and to have a smooth cooperation between all departments the shipping company has their own ship’s rules, which needs to be followed. For example you need to be present at your programmed performance in time, well dressed, positive attitude towards the passengers…
        we will send you the Crew Embarkation Guide, where a lot more is explained so you know what to expect. As you are working and traveling at the same time, you will be able to visit the many cities and ports where the ship docks… so you can also enjoy being a tourist in the many countries that you visit…
        Your “home” is moving all the time so your scenery every day changes and this way you will be able to enjoy working and traveling at the same time. Many of our musicians get hooked to the ship’s life… the so-called “malattia di ferro”, translated as the iron-disease, hooked to the iron of the ship… who know’s maybe you will get hooked as well.


    life on board